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Nomination Innovation prize Fire Safety

Together with Voorbij Betonsystemen Bartels Consulting Engineers has developed a fire resistant concrete plate. The now patented product, that carries the name Fire Fighting Layer® (FFL®), is suitable for walls, floors and ceilings of for instance tunnels and parking garages.

Increasingly stringent requirements are set in regard to fire resistance, when we look at constructions of reinforced concrete in industrial and infrastructural applications, such as tunnels and parking garages. By applying the FFL® product one can meet the fire safety demands in a practical way. 
















The thermal insulating coating system is a durable and insulating finish material with a life of 100 years. The Fire Fighting Layer® consists of a concrete slab element provided with a fireproof layer, which is linked to the construction. During the construction phase of the structure the FFL® elements serve as formwork.  After the hardening of the concrete the function of the plate changes and the elements deliver the required fire resistence. Two functions in one pass, saving time and money. 

On April 21 at the National Fire Safety Congress in Holland, the Innovation prize will be awarded to one of the three nominees. 


For more information about the FFL® you can contact Gerard Hol, materials specialist at Bartels. 

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