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 Building Information Modelling

Complex projects need to be designed and structurally executed with high-end drawing software. At Bartels we work with the newest Revit 3D (architecture en structure) software when engineering our projects. It is also possible to combine information or drawings of installations, building costs, design and more, in one model. 

With Revit 3D software it is possible to work in the same model, for both architecture and construction. The exchange of data between several parties is very simple and all the data can be brought together in one (IFC) model. From this, sections, elevations and details can be generated. By drawing three-dimensional, the chance of errors will be significantly reduced. 

Picture: 3D model of swimming pool Aquarijn (Netherlands)
Working together with BIM
BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the solution that makes it possible to store all relevant information during the building process digitally. It can be compared to an online database, where all the information is stored. All the involved parties in the building process can work with the same information and can use each others work and models. This way, the information is always instantly available. Our employees have the knowledge and experience to work together in a BIM model with other parties, like the architect or contractor. Because the building is already virtually built, working with BIM can significantly reduce errors. 


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